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What a time we live in – 3/27 Weekly Legislative Update

March 27, 2017  Legislative Update What looks to be the last of the 2017 House and Senate committee meetings are being held early this week. Bills that pass in committee will be heard again by each chamber, debated, voted on, and, ultimately, could be signed into law. The budget is the last big hurdle on […]

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Vote No On The “Nuclear Option”

We have one day left to contact our U.S. Senators to vote no on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Copy and paste the letter below and send to both email address in one email! Pablo_Carrillo@mccain.senate.gov Chandler_Morse@flake.senate.gov ________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Senators McCain and Flake: Please Vote No On Gorsuch; Vote No On The “Nuclear […]

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Take Two, Take Action – 3/11 Weekly Legislative Update

On February 25, we first told you about SB 1199, a bill that would harm the most marginalized in our community. Now we need you to show up for our transgender community. SB 1199 – criminal history investigation; name change SB 1199 would add fingerprinting and criminal background check requirements to court-ordered name changes, and it […]

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