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Modern Family: Happy Endings

On July 19, 2017, Steve Zeidman and I finalized the adoption of our 10-year old son, Tristan. Undoubtedly, it was one of the happiest days of our lives.  Our journey to parenthood would not be possible without the unwavering commitment and professionalism of those who championed us throughout the process at Arizona’s Children Association (AZCA), […]

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What a time we live in – 3/27 Weekly Legislative Update

March 27, 2017  Legislative Update What looks to be the last of the 2017 House and Senate committee meetings are being held early this week. Bills that pass in committee will be heard again by each chamber, debated, voted on, and, ultimately, could be signed into law. The budget is the last big hurdle on […]

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Vote No On The “Nuclear Option”

We have one day left to contact our U.S. Senators to vote no on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Copy and paste the letter below and send to both email address in one email! Pablo_Carrillo@mccain.senate.gov Chandler_Morse@flake.senate.gov ________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Senators McCain and Flake: Please Vote No On Gorsuch; Vote No On The “Nuclear […]

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Beyond the Wall is an arts experience curated on both sides of the border wall in both Nogales. We invite you as Equality Arizona members and supporters to join us for the festival and art exhibition! ... See MoreSee Less

Beyond the Wall Block Party | Festival Más Allá del Muro

November 24, 2017, 7:00pm - November 25, 2017, 9:00pm

About the Event Beyond the Wall is a binational festival in Nogales featuring two block parties, a concert, an art exhibition, and a performance of 15-foot tall puppets at the border wall. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and togetherness, and Nogalenses celebrate it where we grew up, because that's the only acceptable way to do it! Thousands of Nogalenses return home to celebrate with family, and the weekend after offers a chance to get out and catch up with others returning home. Nogales is an exciting edge of the world and we're gathering all of it's treasures to celebrate our uniqueness together. (#nogistyle) This November 24-25th, artists and community from Ambos Nogales will come together to create this family-friendly, bi-national cultural festival! Schedule FRIDAY NOV 24 - Art Exhibition Come sip a drink at the opening of the Museo de Arte Nogales' newest exhibition: a celebration of binational urban art from local Sonoran and Southern Arizona artists specially commissioned for the Beyond the Wall event. Led by Colectivo Taco de Perro, you'll get the first look at the next big thing in the art world. SATURDAY NOV 25, 10a-4p: Arizona Block Party We sniffed out the city's best artists, food and booze! Gather the coolest of your cousins and join us for the second annual Beyond the Wall Block Party. Dance off your Thanksgiving meal and laugh so hard you might actually remember what you're thankful for! A great list of local chistosos will be there, along with live music and a menu of local antojitos at "La Placita"! SATURDAY NOV 25, 4p-10p: Sonora Block Party and Concert The party continues in Nogales Sonora! Come join us for more original art, local food and drink, and an evening concert featuring musicians from both sides of Nogales. We'll be shutting down Plaza Pesquería for fun and community until 10 pm - come watch the sun set with your community in Ambos Nogales! SATURDAY NOV 25, 3-5: Puppets at the Border Flor is fifteen foot tall; she is from Sonora. Toby is fifteen foot tall; he is from Arizona. Flor and Toby will be at the festival looking for more friends who are just like them. If you see them, approach them: maybe you can help them. Toby, Flor, and the rest of their giant friends will go whatever distance is necessary and transcend all kinds of boundaries to unite. Let them guide you from one event to the next, as we overcome our frontiers and let our humanity take us Beyond The Wall as one community united.

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2017 flew by! Join us at our end of the year holiday celebration at the Historic Eisendrath House.

We dreamed and imagined with many of you this year and we look forward to sharing our plans for 2018.
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Celebrate 2017 With Us!

December 14, 2017, 5:30pm - December 14, 2017, 8:30pm

2017 flew by! Join us at our end of the year holiday celebration at the Historic Eisendrath House. We dreamed and imagined with many of you this year and we look forward to sharing our plans for 2018.

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