Equality Arizona

A Message from the President…

…of Equality Arizona, that is. I received a donation this week with a brief note: “Impressive work you all are doing.” I say thank you for the donation and the appreciation, but I’ll let you know, we have so much more to do. I asked the board of directors in January to entertain serious consideration of rebranding as Equality Phoenix. We have neglected the state outside of Maricopa County for the last couple of years and either that needed to change or our mission statement did. Unanimously, everyone stated – we need to be Equality Arizona.

To that end, we have a Tucson launch party on May 30th.  We will be at La Cocina at 201 North Court Avenue in beautiful downtown Tucson beginning at 5PM. At 5:30PM we will share with you our vision for the next two years. At 6PM, there will be live music and 10% of all food and beverage sales that night will go toward Equality Arizona. So please come join us for what will be a fantastic evening! I will also be doing a ‘bus tour’ of sorts through southern Arizona this July hoping to meet with community members to hear what is important to you. I have asked State Senator Paula Aboud to join me and she has accepted pending her schedule.

If you have a town and a place for us to visit, please let me know at rebecca@eqaz2.wpengine.com. We will be at Pride in the Pines in Flagstaff on June 15th and I hope to meet with leaders of northern Arizona before then. I have had several conversations with Kathryn Jim and am excited to see what is going on in northern Arizona. We are looking to add to our board and our committees in diversity but also regionally. I would encourage you that if you know of someone who would represent southern or northern Arizona well, drop us a line. Some of the best organizational resources come through the recommendations of others. Equality Arizona has much to do over the next few years and we need all of Arizona to stand with us.

You will see additional notes from me in the following days letting you know exactly what our priorities and missions are in 2012 and 2013. We have a lot to do together. Please stand with us and be a part of our impressive work. Join us today as a C4 member. It is a minimum of $20.00 and will be your first step in helping Equality Arizona become a Super PAC. Thank you and welcome aboard! Rebecca Wininger, President