Equality Arizona

A Statement on Department of Labor’s License to Discriminate Against LGBTQ Workers

Department of Labor Sanctions Discrimination based on Religious Beliefs

On Friday, August 10th, 2018, the Department of Labor published a directive that advised federal contractors that they may legally fire and/or refuse to hire LGBTQ workers based on the employer’s religious views.

This is a clear attack on LGBTQ workers and an attempt to promote the use of taxpayer dollars to encourage and allow for discrimination against LGBTQ people and the community at large.

“This type of state sanctioned discrimination against LGBTQ people is a clear threat to our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Encouraging federal contractors to actively discriminate against LGBTQ workers is both a violation of individual liberty and an attack on the free market, where all qualified workers must be equitably treated to ensure that every workers’ talents and skills are used to build our collective and individual prosperity,” said Michael S.C. Soto, Interim Executive Director for Equality Arizona.”

Religious freedom is a key tenet of this nation, along with individual liberty and opportunity. Today, religious organizations, communities, and individuals are provided extensive protections under federal and state laws. Unfortunately, LGBTQ and other marginalized individuals, communities, and organizations are not afforded the same level of protection at the federal or state level. “This directive is the latest example of this administrations attempts to further harm and marginalize LGBTQ individuals, communities, and organizations by encouraging and sanctioning prejudice, bias, and discrimination, “said Soto, “Employers should never be allowed to use taxpayer dollars to discriminate against or fire workers because they live an out and authentic life as an LGBTQ person.”

Equality Arizona is dedicated to fighting this and all other forms of public policy that sanction discrimination against LGBTQ people.

EQAZ Press Release – DoL Discrimination 08132018