Equality Arizona

AZ Blog: Gay partnerships equal murder, abuse, death and injury to children

May 26, 2011 @ 8:59 a.m.

Political campaigns can be divisive and aggressive. Sometimes, though, a line is crossed.

That line was crossed yesterday, when an Arizona-based conservative blog posted a message that is so far out of the mainstream that it would be somewhat humorous if it wasn’t frightening. What makes it scary is that it’s really not a joke.

After Equality Arizona announced its endorsement in the Phoenix mayoral race, a post on the Arizona Conservative blog, referred to Equality Arizona as the state’s “most radical homosexual pressure group.” The post went on to say that support for the city’s domestic partner registry “puts a city in the position of endorsing cohabitation,” which the blog claims “is fraught with murder, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and it has resulted in death and injury to countless children.”

This far-from-mainstream message from “Arizona’s conservative voice since 2003” couldn’t make it clearer: Equality Arizona’s work to secure, protect, and defend the rights and welfare of LGBT people in Arizona is critically important still today.

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  • the opportunity for LGBT people to provide children and youth seeking adoption with loving, forever homes, and
  • the freedom for LGBT people to work without having to fear losing their jobs just because of who they are.

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I can’t express how grateful I am for your support. With your help, Equality Arizona has put the far-from-mainstream Arizona conservatives on notice. They only resort to these types of divisive tactics when they realize that the American ideals of truth and justice for all are prevailing. We can expect to hear and see more and more of these messages as mainstream supporters of equality from all political parties and backgrounds join forces with Equality Arizona to once and for all guarantee freedom for all Arizonans.