Equality Arizona

Becoming an EQAZ Local Advocate

Kirsten Gwinn

Live from the Equality & Justice ConferenceKristin Gwinn of the Equality Arizona Board of Directors, introduced a vision and strategic plan for Equality Arizona’s new EQAZ Local Advocates program.

“EQAZ has been around for years. Advocacy is not new for us, but this program is.”

The program promises to spur connections, communication, and change throughout Arizona.

Equality Arizona Co-Chair, Catherine Alonzo, offered tips on strategic networking-building in preparation for the Local Advocate’s first major campaign, Share Our Stories.

The Share Our Stories campaign asks EQAZ Local Advocates to write letters to Arizonans who may not have had opportunities to hear personal stories from members of the LGBTQ or ally communities. Gwinn and fellow Board member Juli Myers shared their letters to illustrate the power of compelling personal stories.

“The emotional connection is going to move the conversation forward, and that’s the power of the Share Our Stories campaign,” said Gwinn.

EQAZ Local Advocates will move forward in February. The Share Our Stories campaign kicks off with Equality Arizona’s Lobby Day at the State Legislature.