Equality Arizona

JP Martin, Secretary/Treasurer

With enthusiasm for intercultural exchange and global solutions, JP Martin deploys his experience founding, leading and strategically re-visioning communities. He has a passion for both community involvement and political advocacy and has volunteered countless hours for non-profit organizations, leading fundraising endeavors and strategic planning.
JP is self-employed, specializing in communications strategy and is currently using his experience with political industry and cloud-based technology to drive successful political campaigns in Arizona. He has worked on several executive councils implementing technology as a tool to shorten distances between people and ideologies. He currently sits on the boards of Equality Arizona and the Arizona Interfaith movement, for who he does pro bono digital advertising and awareness campaigns.
JP majored in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Modern Languages at Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona; he speaks English, Spanish and French. JP lobbied the Arizona State Legislature on behalf of the Secular Coalition for Arizona, the Arizona Students’ Association, and Spectrum Experience. JP has experience mobilizing citizen lobbyists all over the country in a co-coordinated effort to advance the tenets of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, and hunger for truth.
JP is interested in entrepreneurial-ism and lean business mechanics. He is currently the Executive Director of the Global Chamber Tucson. He is also the co-founder of Better On-Call and President of Brimstone Media.