Equality Arizona

Celebrating LGBT History Month 2015

Today marks the first day of a month-long party, the twenty-first observance of LGBT History Month. This annual celebration is the result of a dream by a high school teacher from just outside St. Louis, Rodney Wilson, who recognized the importance of paying tribute to the countless pioneers in the fight to achieve equality under the law and to celebrate those who preserve and build upon that legacy by continuing in the fight. Wilson teamed up with several education-based organizations, and they declared that October, during which we already observed National Coming Out Day, would be LGBT History Month.

This year, we join organizations from around the country in celebrating our rich past and exciting present by highlighting the lives and achievements of 31 American LGBT freedom fighters and icons from the past 175 years. As has been the tradition since 2006, one of these champions will be highlighted during each day of October, highlighting their life and struggles, at lgbthistorymonth.com.

Equality Arizona joins the founders and organizers of LGBT History Month in honoring the 2015 champions, many of whom lived in, and struggled to break free from, the shadows to which we have been relegated for most of our history. We will come together on October 10 at the Equality Arizona Awards Dinner to honor some of those Arizonans who have dedicated their lives to shine a light on our struggles and help move us closer to the day that the fight for equal rights will be just what we are proud to celebrate this month: LGBT history.