Equality Arizona

Congratulations, Tucson!


Mayor Rothschild and the Tucson City Council last night sent a loud message to our state’s leaders: Ensuring that Arizona is open and inclusive to every resident and visitor is good for business.

The City Council voted unanimously to call on Governor Ducey and our state leaders to support marriage equality, equal LGBT rights, and advocate for a highly diverse statewide workforce and community. The City’s Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business Commission originated the recommendation and sent it to Mayor and Council for action yesterday.

Sheldon Fishman, a Tucson resident, member of the Commission, and strong supporter of the City Council’s action said “Ensuring equal and inclusive rights is not only the right thing to do, it is essential for our longterm economic development as a state. Businesses and individuals want to be in open, welcoming places. Discrimination has no place in a thriving 21st century economy and I am proud of the Mayor and Council’s leadership on this most important issue.”

Thank you to Mayor Rothschild and the Tucson City Council for your great leadership in fighting for equality!