Equality Arizona


Civic Education and LGBTQ Issues

We educate Arizonans about the civic engagement process and about issues that are vital to the LGBTQ community. We also educate the public about the complexities of working for LGBTQ equality through public policy.

Today, for example, it is legal to fire someone because of their sexual orientation – and it happens. An inclusive Arizona that protects and includes EVERY resident in public life is the basis for a free and equitable society. One approach to protecting LGBTQ Arizonans from discrimination is a statewide non-discrimination policy. While this is a positive step, a comprehensive approach to policy is key. In a state like Arizona a non-discrimination policy creates the appearance of policy, but laws like Right-to-Work still actively enable discrimination in the workplace.

We do this work all over the state of Arizona. You can help us educate our community by doing the following:

  1. Participate in our civic education series. You can learn more about our civic education series through our mailing list. Join our email list to receive the latest alerts.
  2. Get trained to be an EQAZ community organizer. After you attend the civic education series, join us a community organizer to build the political power of the LGBTQ community in Arizona.


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