Equality Arizona

Elect Candidates

Each election cycle provides us the important opportunity to help elect candidates who will work to achieve full LGBTQ equality in our state. Helping to elect pro-LGBTQ candidates is one of the most important things we do.

The Endorsement Process

Equality Arizona considers several factors when making an endorsement, including assessing each candidate’s viability and level of support for LGBTQ equality. EQAZ’s Political Committee measures a candidate’s viability and level of support by reviewing and analyzing (a) a candidate’s responses to an endorsement questionnaire, (b) past voting records, and/or (c) previously-made public statements.

After identifying and assessing pro-LGBTQ candidates, we do the following:

  • Support candidates who we believe will align with our organization’s mission and goals in their work as an elected official.
  • Endorse candidates who we believe will be loud and powerful advocates to expand our rights and protections in their work as an elected official.
  • Focus our resources in key, targeted races that are most critical to our mission and that can have the most impact. Resources include financial support, as well as organizing grassroots efforts and other strategies.

This endorsement process not only enables us to identify candidates who support our causes, but also helps us hold them accountable once elected. In addition, bringing to light candidates whose positions run contrary to our mission enables us to better equip voters with their ballot selections.

Please note that our survey will be sent via email to all qualified candidates to the address on file with the body that regulates that election. Each candidate is responsible for submitting his or her application before the deadline. Any candidate who submits a questionnaire after the deadline will only be eligible to receive our organization’s support.

Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund PAC

Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund PAC supports candidates for public office on the state and local levels. Through the Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund PAC, we make endorsements in statewide races, legislative races, and city council races throughout Arizona.

To support our efforts electing pro-LGBTQ and fair-minded candidates, contact us at eqaz@equalityarizona.org or donate online today and designate a portion of your contribution for the Equality Arizona PAC.

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