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EQ AZ joins community and business groups calling on Huppenthal to resign

Equality Arizona is proud to join community and business leaders calling for the resignation of State Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal.

The recent revelations that State Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal has for several years anonymously posted virulently bigoted and often factually inaccurate online statements has been a stunning disappointment to Arizonans who believe the state’s chief education official bears not only the responsibility of guiding our public school system but also serving in that office with honor and dignity.

Regrettably, Mr. Huppenthal’s comments have revealed an unsettling and wholly undeserved disdain for the low-income families, minorities and others, while offering a poor example to those who expect the superintendent to serve as a role model for Arizona educators and the hundreds of thousands of school children enrolled statewide. In addition to the pain and insult Mr. Huppenthal’s comments have engendered, Arizona is once again faced with having to vigorously dispute gross misperceptions about our state and its citizens. Mr. Huppenthal’s divisive statements demean all Arizonans, while misrepresenting our public image and negatively impacting our ability to attract tourism and grow and retain top workplace talent.

The office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction is responsible for ensuring that our public education system provides all Arizona children the quality education they need to compete in the fast-changing and globally integrated economies. Mr. Huppenthal’s comments and behavior have failed to advance that mission. The Superintendent of Public Instruction must set the standard for helping all of our children become educated, responsible members of the community who understand and value their unalienable equal rights. Mr. Huppenthal has failed to meet that standard.

Because the undersigned know the vast and overwhelming majority of the people of Arizona do not share Mr. Huppenthal’s views, we call for his resignation from the office of Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Gonzalo A. de la Melena, Jr. President & CEO Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Ted Namba, President Asian Chamber of Commerce

Catherine Alonzo, Board Co-Chair Equality Arizona

Kerwin Brown, President & CEO Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce

Joseph Gesullo, Chair Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Angela Hughey, President & Co-Founder One Community

Scott Gregory, President & CEO Pacific Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council

Dr. Pamela Williamson, President & CEO Women’s Business Economic Council – West

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