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EQ AZ’s 2014 Statewide & Legislative Endorsements

The Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund/PAC announces our first endorsements for the 2014 Statewide and Legislative elections.Endorsements in other statewide and municipal elections are forthcoming.

After careful review and much deliberation, Equality Arizona supports many great candidates for election who are committed to legal rights and protections for the LGBTQ community. And we have endorsed candidates who show viable campaigns, a clearly demonstrated commitment to the LGBTQ community, and open support and passion for the Equality Arizona mission to collaboratively secure, protect and defend the rights and welfare of our community.

Equality Arizona enthusiastically endorses the following candidates:

Governor – Fred DuVal
Attorney General – Felecia Rotellini
Secretary of State – Terry Goddard

Superintendent of Public Instruction – David Garcia 

LD2 House – Demion Clinco
LD2 House – Rosanna Gabaldon
LD3 Senate – Salomon Baldenegro
LD6 House – Lanny Morrison
LD9 House – Randall Friese
LD10 House – Bruce Wheeler
LD10 House – Stefanie Mach
LD10 Senate – David Bradley
LD11 House – Hollace Lyon
LD11 Senate – Jo Holt
LD16 House – Cara Prior
LD16 Senate – Scott Prior
LD17 Senate – Kristie O’Brien
LD19 Senate – Angela Cotera
LD20 House – Amy Schwabenlender
LD20 Senate – Patty Kennedy
LD22 House – Bonnie Boyce-Wilson
LD22 Senate – Archangel Muscato
LD23 Senate – Paula Pennypacker
LD24 House – Lela Alston
LD24 House – Rich Bauer
LD24 Senate – Katie Hobbs
LD27 House – Rebecca Rios
LD27 Senate – Aaron Marquez
LD28 House – Dr. Eric Meyer
LD28 Senate – Kelli Butler
LD29 House – Richard Andrade
LD29 House – Ceci Vasquez
LD29 Senate – Martin Quezada
LD30 House – Mike Aaron Gidwani

Equality Arizona supports the following candidates for the Arizona Legislature:

LD4 House – Charlene Fernandez
LD24 House – Ken Clark
LD27 House – Reginald Bolding
LD27 House – Norma Muñoz
LD27 Senate – Catherine Miranda


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