Equality Arizona

Equality Arizona Endorsements for 2019 City of Phoenix Special Election

Phoenix Deserves a Mayor and City Council that Will Work for LGBTQ Inclusion

Phoenix, AZ, February 23, 2019– Phoenix is the 5thlargest city and the fastest growing city in the United States. Since 2014 Phoenix has had a larger per capita LGBTQ population than New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago. The Mayor and City Council of Phoenix must prioritize and work for the full inclusion and equality of LGBTQ people in our city.

To this end, Equality Arizona invited every candidate for the City of Phoenix 2018 Special Election to a non-partisan endorsement interview process. We value the opportunity to get to know from each candidate their understanding of and commitment to LGBTQ inclusion and equality and believe we have chosen to endorse candidates who will lead our city in an inclusive and equitable way.

“We appreciate the time that all of the candidates took to interview with us about LGBTQ inclusion and equality in their campaigns. Through the interview process four candidates rose to the top in terms of LGBTQ equality in policy, programs, and services,” said Soto, “Equality Arizona is proud to endorse Kate Gallego for Mayor of Phoenix, Vania Guevara for City Council in District 5, and to co-endorse Carlos Garcia and Lawrence Robinson for City Council in District 8.”

LGBTQ inclusion, equality, and prosperity are possible in Phoenix through policy, programs, services, and the leadership of our elected officials. EQAZ is committed to working with elected officials at every level for LGBTQ inclusions, equality, and prosperity. We offer these endorsements to aid the community in their civic duty as they vote in the May 2019 Special Election.

These endorsements come from the Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund Political Committee, board, and staff. Many factors were considered before making this endorsement, including an assessment of viability and an assessment of each candidate’s level of support for LGBTQ equality in terms of policy, programs, and services.

Download the PDF — Equality Arizona Endorsements for 2019 City of Phoenix Special Election