Equality Arizona

Equality Arizona Endorses Kate Gallego for Mayor

Phoenix Deserves a Mayor who Actively Works for LGBTQ Inclusion

Equality Arizona is proud to endorse Kate Gallego for Mayor of Phoenix. Phoenix is the 5thlargest city and the second fastest growing city in the United States. Since 2014, Phoenix has had a larger per capita LGBTQ population than New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago. The next Mayor of Phoenix must be the kind of leader who stands up for and works for the full inclusion and equality of LGBTQ people in our city.

“Ms. Gallego has made LGBTQ equality in Phoenix a foundational part of her campaign,” said Michael Soto, Executive Director of Equality Arizona. “During her time on the City Council she worked for LGBTQ equality and inclusion through policy, she built connections with the community through our organizations and leaders, and she has consistently been public in her support for LGBTQ inclusion in Phoenix,” said Soto, “Equality Arizona is proud to endorse Kate Gallego for Mayor of Phoenix.”

“As Mayor, I will continue to ensure our LGBTQ neighbors are welcomed and protected from discrimination at home, at work, and everywhere,” said Kate Gallego.  “I am not afraid to stand up and fight when our city’s diversity and spirit of inclusion are threatened.”

We interviewed both candidates for Mayor. During her interview, Ms. Gallego made it clear that LGBTQ inclusion and prosperity would be a priority in her administration and that she would work for LGBTQ equality through policy, programs, and services. She also demonstrated a keen understanding of the issues that LGBTQ Phoenicians face in terms of lack of access to public safety, economic prosperity, and full inclusion in public life as residents of Phoenix.

This endorsement comes from the Equality Arizona Advocacy Fund Political Committee, board, and staff. Many factors were considered before making this endorsement, including an assessment of viability and an assessment of each candidate’s level of support for LGBTQ equality in terms of policy, programs, and services.

Download the Press Release – EQAZ Endorses Kate Gallego for Mayor