Equality Arizona

Health and HIV

All LGBTQ Arizonans have a right to safe and affordable healthcare. Medical professionals take an oath to care for the health and well-being of all people – it should never be an option for a medical professional to refuse to give the best possible care to a patient because they are LGBTQ.

We believe that medical schools, residencies, and fellowships should train doctors to serve all patients. LGBTQ people face many barriers accessing safe and affordable healthcare. Far too often LGBTQ people have to teach their doctors about how to appropriately care for them as patients. This is unacceptable. Competent medical care of LGBTQ people should be part of the basic curriculum for medical students.

Affordable Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a good start to making healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone, but it did fall short of that goal. Today there is a great deal of conversation about Medicare for all and single payer health insurance. Equality Arizona believes that we have to create a new system that insures safe and affordable healthcare for everyone. Healthcare should not only be accessible to those will full-time work, to heterosexual and cisgender people, to the healthy and able bodies, to those in the prime of their lives, or to citizens of this nation. We are interested in working for health equity for all LGBTQ people in Arizona and the United States of America.


HIV and AIDS are still of great concern for the LGBTQ community. There have been many strides in recent years including the discovery that undetectable means untrasmittable and the discovery of medications like PrEP that help to prevent the transmission of HIV. PrEP should be available to anyone and should be discussed with anyone who is sexually active.

The eradication of HIV and AIDS is possible in our lifetime and we are dedicated to advancing policy to that end.


LGBTQ people attempt suicide at a rate that is disproportionate to the heterosexual and cisgender community. Discrimination, rejection from family, and alienation from community contribute to the higher attempted suicide rate among LGBTQ people. Suicide prevention at the interpersonal level is the work of social service organizations. For an organization like Equality Arizona we fight the higher suicide rate by working for a state and society that values all people and how that is reflected in policy and culture.