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Connecting every child to a loving family

Over 18,000 Arizona children are under the state’s care, but loving families are getting passed up for fostering and adoption every day. Although LGBTQ couples are permitted to adopt under state law, discrimination and institutional barriers prevent too many LGBTQ families from fostering or adopting. Post-adoption life can also be stifled by a number of barriers, such as those experienced by “Super Dads” David and Kevin Patterson. That’s why we created Project Jigsaw, a collaborative community effort to connect every child who needs one to a loving family. Project Jigsaw provides access to resources, education, and opportunities to influence public policy. Fostering and adoption aren’t the only ways to help. Learn more about Project Jigsaw here.

Fighting for equal protections for every Arizonan

73% of Arizonans mistakenly believe that our state laws are inclusive. In Arizona, you can be legally discriminated against in employment, housing and public accommodations just because of who you are. As a founding member of Competitive Arizona, we are fighting for inclusive, statewide non-discrimination protections to ensure Arizona is open to business for everyone. Learn more about Competitive Arizona here.


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