Equality Arizona

Modern Family: Happy Endings

On July 19, 2017, Steve Zeidman and I finalized the adoption of our 10-year old son, Tristan. Undoubtedly, it was one of the happiest days of our lives.  Our journey to parenthood would not be possible without the unwavering commitment and professionalism of those who championed us throughout the process at Arizona’s Children Association (AZCA), specifically: the entire PS-Mapp education team, Gabby Gusse, Karla Sanchez, Jen Workman and, especially, Sarah Werner.

Better than anyone, Arizona’s Children Association realize the foster-to-adopt process can be an emotional rollercoaster. Self-doubt and bureaucratic hurdles are common pitfalls.  Thankfully, the AZCA team was with us – every step of the way.  

Today, our son is thriving. With AZCA’s help, he still benefits from state-sponsored support including speech and occupational therapy.  We complement these services with private lessons including swim, piano and, most importantly, reading.  As a result, Tristan is a happy kiddo and each day is becoming more confident, independent and even a bit rebellious.  

Tristan is the love of our life and welcoming him to our family was the best decision we ever made.  

Our deepest, most heartfelt thank you to everyone at Arizona’s Children and Project Jigsaw.



Brian Hatfield, Co-Chair Project Jigsaw (Daddy)

Steve Zeidman, (Papa)