Equality Arizona

Neil Giuliano supports Prop 475 in Tempe.

Dear Friends,

It was my honor to serve as Mayor of Tempe. It is a community that values diversity and equality and I continue to be impressed by the Council’s commitment to those virtues. I have rarely been more proud than when the current Mayor and Council voted unanimously to expand Tempe’s non-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity earlier this year. Equality Arizona was an important partner in getting the job done, and we all own a part of the effort.

What you might not know is that to formalize this change, Tempe voters must pass Prop 475 on August 26th to amend the city charter.

The Moving Tempe Forward campaign is working to get the word out to Tempe voters just how important it is to Vote YES on Prop 475. Will you make an invaluable campaign donation today to help spread this message?

Strong cities make a strong state. By coming together to pass Prop 475 in Tempe, we are sending a message to leaders statewide that Arizona is open for business to everyone.

Prop 475 won’t pass without your help. And that would be disastrous. Donate to the Moving Tempe Forward campaign today.

With a crowded ballot and bitter primary battles waging, it is imperative that we break through the noise and communicate with Tempe voters about what passing Prop 475 means for the future of our city – and our state.

I thank you for your important donation today. It means the world.

Most sincerely,

Neil Giuliano
Former Mayor of Tempe