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A child should never be without a permanent, loving home. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for the 17,000 children and youth currently in Arizona foster care. It doesn’t have to be that way.

This is why Arizona’s Children Association and Equality Arizona together have launched a new collaborative community effort called Project Jigsaw: Connecting Every Child to a Loving Family.


The grassroots campaign is focused on building a diverse coalition of Arizonans who are committed to working together to create an environment where all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are provided the opportunity to build a loving family for amazing children. Governor Doug Ducey said it best when he stated, “All children deserve a loving home, and under my watch, I’m committed to making sure government encourages that.” Read more on Governor Ducey’s statement here.

Despite his announcement, many state agencies refuse to represent same-sex adoptive couples, and same-sex couples are often considered bottom on the list of homes for potential child placement. Moreover, some state agencies are still standing by their legal advice that the state should not allow married same-sex couples to jointly adopt or become foster parents in Arizona.

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Are you interested in learning more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent? Contact Arizona’s Children Association at pjfosteradopt@arizonaschildren.org.

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Project Jigsaw will work to improve the overall foster care and adoption process, ensure all prospective parents have an equal opportunity to foster and adopt and support everyone involved in the process by providing the following:

  • Access to Resources

These resources may be helpful for parents navigating the foster care and adoption process. Resources include agencies, lawyers and counseling services well versed in the specific needs of LGBT families considering fostering or adoption.

Current resources to help you navigate your way to becoming a foster/adoptive parent:

Project Jigsaw FAQ’s

Foster and Adoption FAQ’s

LGBTQ Safe Health Care Providers and Resources

How to Cope with Child Trauma

  • Education

Educate the public about the importance of foster care and adoption, and why all prospective parents who are looking to provide loving, stable homes for children should have equal access to both opportunities.

  • Advocacy and Influence Public Policy

Partners will connect with elected officials and providers to ensure that Arizona policies and procedures align with Governor Ducey’s vision of a home for every child.

We are offering out resources, telling people’s stories and working on policy changes to accomplish all of the above.  To learn more about the Project Jigsaw campaign or how you can get involved in the effort to break down obstacles to connecting Arizona’s children with loving families, fill out this form.

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