Equality Arizona

The Fight for Equality Isn’t Over

We may have won the battle for marriage equality, but the fight for equal rights isn’t over.

Our next big battles are to include LGBTQ couples in the adoption and fostering community, as well as to secure inclusive statewide non-discrimination protections through our work with the Competitive Arizona Coalition. We need to make an Arizona that is safe and welcoming for all a reality.

Breaking Barriers for Families

The children in Arizona’s foster care are in crisis. With more than 18,000 kids in the system, there are not enough loving homes to take care of them. Some have even had to sleep in overflow placement centers.

LGBTQ couples who are interested in fostering and adoption are too often subject to discrimination and institutional barriers, and Arizona agencies can put them at the bottom of their eligibility lists.

Together, we fought for marriage justice, and now we must turn our efforts to family equality in Arizona. We’ve created Project Jigsaw to connect every child to a loving family. Our grassroots campaign is working to ensure that prospective parents have equal access to fostering and adoption resources and opportunities. We believe that love is love, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and we want Arizona to recognize that, too.  

Fighting School and Workplace Injustice

Our state has a long way to go to make this a great place for every Arizonan to live.

Arizona lacks across-the-board laws protecting individuals from discrimination in housing, employment and in public places simply because of who they are. (Today, it is legal for an employer to fire an honest worker because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.) Transgender healthcare is not mentioned by the law, and gender identity isn’t covered by state hate crime protections. (Read more.)

Lobbying for Inclusive Legislation

Without legal protections, bills promoting public discrimination (ie, 2014’s SB 1062 and bathroom bills, the latest was 2013’s SB 1045) will continue to plague Arizona and tarnish its image. State laws are far behind, and everyone in our community deserves to feel safe now.

We’re focusing our efforts to continue to influence public policy. In addition to fighting for parents’ rights to foster and adopt with Project Jigsaw, we’re working with Competitive Arizona to ensure Arizona is open for business to everyone.

We can’t do this alone. Help us make a difference by becoming a member of Equality Arizona and registering to vote.