Equality Arizona

Vote No On The “Nuclear Option”

We have one day left to contact our U.S. Senators to vote no on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Copy and paste the letter below and send to both email address in one email!




Dear Senators McCain and Flake:

Please Vote No On Gorsuch; Vote No On The “Nuclear Option.

I am disappointed in Senator Flake for not asking tougher questions to Judge Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearings and I strongly urge each of you to oppose the “nuclear option” that some in the Senate’s GOP leadership have threatened.

While you may be inclined to vote in favor of Gorsuch’s nomination, I ask you to consider his evasive answers, as well as his lack of independence from Donald Trump. 

I also ask that you respect the Senate’s tradition of collegiality by maintaining the 60-vote threshold for Supreme Court nominations. There’s a reason the Senate requires 60 votes for major decisions such as confirming a Supreme Court justice—to make sure that the majority party can’t run roughshod over the minority. For something as important as a lifetime seat on our nation’s highest court, a nominee should be able to win broad support. If a nominee can’t meet that threshold, we should look for another nominee.

I fully expect you to act in the best interest of our diverse state and advise the President to reopen the search for a nominee who will not be bound by partisan biases or ideologies that primarily benefit a small group of Americans. We need a Court that will look out for all of us. 

If You Can’t Get to 60, Please Don’t Change the Rules, Change the Nominee.

Your Constituent,

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