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Wearing Pride Everyday – 3/4 Weekly Legislative Update

We have a lot to celebrate as we continue to fight for what is right. Celebrate Pride across our state!

Phoenix, AZ  – April 1 & 2

Bisbee, AZ    – June 16 – 18

Flagstaff, AZ – June 23 – 25

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HRC 2029– signatures; initiative;referendum; legislative districts

Introduced by Representative Don Shooter (R), LD 13

House Concurrent Resolution 2029 proposes an amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would alter the power people have on initiatives and referendums.

Currently the Arizona Constitution says, “… the people reserve the power to propose laws and amendments to the constitution and to enact or reject such laws and amendments at the polls, independently of the legislature; and they also reserve, for use at their own option, the power to approve or reject at the polls any act, or item, section, or part of any act, of the legislature.”

HCR 2029 changes the threshold of citizenry requirements to propose any statewide initiative and referendum.

HCR 2029 has been assigned to the Judiciary and Rules Committee.