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Organizing the Queer Community.

We create the context for LGBTQ+ people in Arizona to make change as advocates, voters, and civic leaders.

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Civic Advocacy

The problems facing our community aren’t just problems, they're policy decisions. But that means we can choose differently. Join our volunteer team to advocate for more empathetic and intersectional decision making in your local government. Use our guidebooks to stay on top of everything happening in the state legislature or to get involved in your local school board or city council.

Political Power

The LGBTQ+ community is the fastest growing voting bloc nationwide. Join our political power team to create change in Arizona. Check out our voter guide to stay informed about important elections, participate in direct democracy by getting involved in a citizen’s initiative, or learn how to become a precinct committee person or elected official.

Media && Events

We’re asking smart people smart questions about the big issues that affect our community, adding new stories each week to the Arizona Equals Conversation about what it means to be queer in Arizona, and with our team of citizen journalists, we contribute policy coverage to LOOKOUT. Check out our events calendar to get connected, or bring our Spectrum Academy workshop to your community.

Social Links

Social Links