Equality Arizona Endorsements

When it comes to elections, Equality Arizona believes in providing helpful recommendations to voters and in supporting candidates in key races who will work to advance the rights of Arizona’s LGBTQ+ communities. In 2022, we asked candidates to sign on to an open policy platform, reproduced below, and many major candidates added their names to the list, from the school board level to the gubernatorial race. With the help of community volunteers, we also prepared a more comprehensive slate of recommendations for voters.

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Our Platform in 2022

Economic Opportunity




The Legal System

Our Endorsement Process

Between our staff and team of volunteers, we research and review candidates. The recommendations we make aren't meant to be endorsements of every action, belief, or affiliation of a political candidate. No person or politician is perfect, but we aim to help voters choose candidates who will be positioned to make real change for the LGBTQ+ community here in Arizona and across the country.

Paid for by Equality Arizona and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.