Town Hall: The Maricopa County Attorney Race with the ACLU of Arizona

July 20, 2022

Watch highlights of our town hall with K.M. Bell and Kara Janssen of the ACLU of Arizona. With a critical election for Maricopa County Attorney just around the corner, it’s important to understand the current state of our criminal justice system and to grow your awareness of the innovative, people-centered solutions Arizona needs. In this video, our panelists give an overview of the Maricopa County Attorney race and discuss how the policy of defelonization could transform our criminal justice system and the lives of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people.

Candidate Forum: Legislative District 5 & Phoenix City Council District 6

July 13, 2022

Catch up on a candidate forum with Jennifer Longdon (Legislative District 5) and Mark Moeremans (Phoenix City Council District 6), hosted on July 13 at For The People. Topics range from urban development and the balance between city and state government to LGBTQ+ rights and reproductive freedom. Click here to see more photos from the event!

Town Hall: Election Security with Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

June 15, 2022

From the Equality Arizona Foundation and the office of the Secretary of State of Arizona, watch a town hall event about election security and your opportunities to participate in this year’s elections as a voter and community member. Also featured in the event is election security expert Ken Matta, CIO of Runbeck Election Services, Inc., who previously served as the Information Security Officer and election security lead for the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office.

Town Hall: Trans Research Panel

May 25, 2022

Join Equality Arizona for a town hall discussion on transgender research with Alex Del Rosario, outreach manager for the U.S. Trans Survey; Josie Caballero, the director of the U.S. Trans Survey; Dr. Madelaine Adelman, co-founder of GLSEN Phoenix and Professor of Justice & Social Inquiry at the School of Social Transformation at ASU; and Dr. Eric Plemons, Director of the Medical Anthropology Concentration and Certificate Programs, and the Co-chair of the UA Transgender Studies Research Cluster at the University of Arizona.

Town Hall: Policy in the Arizona Legislature

May 11, 2022

Join Equality Arizona and our partners from Progress Arizona and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona for a town hall on the state of public policy in the Arizona legislature. In the face of unprecedented attacks on voting rights, reproductive freedom, and LGBTQ+ equality, solidarity between causes is crucial to protect all of us. In this town hall, we discuss the legislation we’ve seen this session and the best strategies to push back.

Phoenix Pride: Rainbows Festival

April 30 & May 1, 2022

See more photos from the event!

Town Hall: Voting Rights in Arizona

April 13, 2022

Watch a town hall discussion on voting rights with the Equality Arizona Foundation and the Office of the Secretary of State of Arizona. We've seen a lot of bills proposed in the state legislature this session about how and when we vote, and with a major midterm election just around the corner, this town hall recording is a great opportunity to learn and understand what your rights are as a voter in Arizona, and how you can participate in the electoral process. Register to vote today online!

Town Hall: Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

March 16, 2022

Join Equality Arizona and some of our amazing partners from across the country to discuss the anti-LGBTQ+ policy attacks happening both here in Arizona and in disturbing numbers nationwide. In this video, we unpack the origin of these bills and discuss some of the strategies that have been effective against them.

Press Conference: Equality and Fairness for All Arizonans

February 23, 2022

Representative César Chávez and Representative Daniel Hernadez of the Arizona legislature, Reverend Sandy Johnson of the Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church, Michael Soto of Equality Arizona, Kado Stewart of one-n-ten, Michael Mazzocco of the Phoenix Equality Chamber, Jessyca Leach of the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, Joanna Marroquin of the Tucson LGBT Chamber, and Angela Hughey of ONE Community speak in support of the bipartisan Equality and Fairness for all Arizonans Act.

Storytelling for Testimony with GLSEN Phoenix

February 17, 2022

Integrating personal stories is a powerful part of delivering testimony for or against proposed legislation that would affect LGBTQ students. During this training, attendees will learn about the key dimensions of stories and storytelling, understand the structure of a 2-minute testimony, explore the components of impactful testimony, and receive important logistical information about testifying. Although the training is primarily informational, it is intended to equip community members – including students, educators, and parents – with the practical knowledge needed to prepare and deliver their own 2-minute testimony.

Town Hall: Equality and Fairness for All

February 16, 2022

Tune in for a panel discussion on LGBTQ+ non-discrimination protections with Angela Hughey, Michael Soto, and Tyler Deaton.