Queer People Fit

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Queer People Fit was created in response to the wave of exclusionary anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and discrimination sweeping the nation this year, and is designed to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ community members and allies to move together to build the movement for equality. In this era of global epidemics and pandemics, health and fitness are more important than ever, so we're campaigning for greater access and inclusivity in sports and athletics. Each month, we host multiple events with some amazing community partners!

Queer People Fit: Cycling

Our monthly Queer People Fit cycling events are hosted in partnership with OutCyclists, an LGBTQ+ cycling club based in Phoenix, and Bike Saviours, a volunteer-run, non-profit bicycle repair shop located in Tempe.

Queer People Fit: Running

Our monthly Queer People Fit running events are a partnership with Frontrunners & Frontwalkers Phoenix, a running and walking club for the LGBTQ+ community and allies having an interest in health and well-being through staying active and coming together with social events.

Queer People Fit: Yoga

In October, we held a Queer People Fit yoga event, led by Noémie Luce (@circlereiki_somatichealing).