The Equality Arizona Policy Platform

Equality Arizona believes in supporting a broad field of candidates who will work to advance the rights of Arizona’s LGBTQ+ communities. To this end, we prepared the following platform outlining the major issue areas and policy priorities essential to achieving our full social and legal equality, and invited any candidate running for office in Arizona in 2022 to sign on.

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The Platform

Economic Opportunity




The Legal System

2022 Candidates Who Supported the Platform

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Further Policy Priorities

Candidates who sign on to the Equality Arizona Policy Platform above do not necessarily endorse the following policies, but we invite you to consider the following policies of significance to Arizona’s LGBTQ+ communities, particularly to those who are most marginalized, who may rely on income from sex work, or who are unhoused.

  1. Decriminalization of sex work
  2. Decriminalization of homelessness
  3. Opposition to the EARN IT act, and the repeal of SESTA/FOSTA
  4. Data privacy laws to allow people to opt-out of disclosing gender and sexuality
  5. Removal of the gender requirement from the Real ID act, and the removal of gender markers from state-issued identity documents