Volunteer with Equality Arizona

Wherever decisions are being made in Arizona, it’s our job to make sure LGBTQ+ people are involved in that process. Join one of our volunteer teams to make your voice heard!

  1. Civic Advocacy. The system doesn't work for everyone, but it’s not just broken — someone decided it should be that way. Be an advocate for more empathetic and intersectional decision making in your local government.

  2. Political Power. The LGBTQ+ community is the fastest growing voting bloc nationwide. Use your power to create change in Arizona. On this team, you'll help to shape our voter guides and field strategy for campaigns and citizen initiatives.

  3. Media & Events. This team is all about creating context. Join our team of citizen journalists to track and report on LGBTQ+ politics, or apply your creativity with multimedia production to create culture change.

As a volunteer with Equality Arizona, you'll be joining a team with a 30+ year history working to build the civic and political power of Arizona's LGBTQ+ communities. We use a messaging service called Discord to coordinate our volunteer activities and community organizing. Sign up below to join us!

Join Our Community of Volunteers