Voter Guide

In Arizona, 4.5% of adults are LGBTQ. Our elections are often decided by a margin of less than 1%. Your vote has power, and together we can change Arizona.

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  1. Register to Vote
  2. Election Dates and Deadlines
  3. Know Your Rights
  4. What's on the Ballot in 2022
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Register to Vote

Sign up to Vote

If you are an eligible voter in Arizona, use the Service Arizona portal to sign up to vote or update your information. Make sure to have your ID on hand!

Check your Registration

Wondering if your voter registration is up to date? Use this tool to make sure.

Vote by Mail

Voting by mail is safe and secure. When you register to vote, sign up for the Active Early Voter List to receive a ballot by mail each election, or request a ballot by mail here.

Pledge to Help Five Friends Register to Vote

This year, registering to vote is as simple as typing into your browser. Help us register voters by telling your friends to use that link or by downloading and sharing voter registration posters through our pledge page. We’re planning to register thousands of voters this year, and it all starts with you.

Election Dates and Deadlines

Primary Elections: August 2 General Election: November 8

Know Your Rights

When you go to the polls in Arizona, you'll need to bring ID. With certain types of photo ID, all you'll need is one document, but if you don't have something that works, you can also provide two forms of ID without photographs that have your legal name and address. If the address on your photo ID is out of date or doesn't match your registration, make sure to bring another form of ID that can substantiate your address.

Types of ID to Bring

Before you go to vote, read through this list to make sure you have the right kinds of ID with you.

Voting While Trans

These ID requirements don't mean you won't be able to vote, but you might meet some obstacles. This guide from NCTE is your best resource if you do.

Trans Voter Protection Hotline

Strict voter ID laws mean trans voters can face discrimination at the polls. If you are kept from voting, call or text the trans voter protection hotline at (239) 946-2718 on Election Day.

2022 Ballot Guide

Federal Elections

State Elections

Local Elections