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Equality Arizona is a non-profit organization dedicated to making sure LGBTQ+ people in Arizona have the opportunity, capacity, and confidence to make change as advocates, voters, and civic leaders. We're a multi-entity organization composed of a 501(c)(3), the Equality Arizona Foundation; a 501(c)(4), Equality Arizona; and the Equality Arizona Political Action Committee. Learn More.

Contributions to Equality Arizona are not tax-deductible; they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.

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We'd love to show our appreciation with an optional free sticker! (Here's a secret: if you visit us at one of our events, you can always get one!) On the last step of the form, just select the option you're most interested in.

Sticker Design Key

This image depicts five stickers in the shape of the state of Arizona. Each one has the word equality written on it three times. There is one with a white background and rainbow lettering, one with a rainbow gradient background and white lettering, one with a gradient of pink and blue and white lettering, one with a black background and the words written in pink, yellow, and blue, and a final sticker with a black background and the words written in orange, white, and purple.